It all started with a chocolate chip cookie

It did not actually start there, but the chocolate chip cookie is an excellent intersection between time and events to begin this blog.

My mother’s side of our family was rather large with four girls and one boy and they all remained close.  The main gathering point for the family was always at Grandma and Papa Lynn’s house.  It was not unusual to walk into their house and be greeted by thirty or forty people who included aunts, uncles, great aunts, cousins, grandparents from spouses of the original five and an entire pack of dogs (no one from out-of-town had the heart to leave their dogs at home and miss all the festivities).  The table was laden with food that served as a grazing area as people came and went from all parts of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The real treasure chest for the grandchildren was the refrigerator.  There seemed to be an endless supply of sodas of which Grandma distributed very liberally, much to the chagrin of our parents.

One unfortunate side of our family was the fact that until five years before his death, Papa Lynn was an alcoholic.  As a result of this extra curricular activity, there was a lot of drinking paraphernalia to be had by anyone concerned.  It seemed to interest my cousin Frances Ann and myself more than others in that we loved to drink our sodas out of a shot glass emulating the cowboys at bars in westerns we saw on television.

I must interject at this point a rule of the Lynn household.  Children were allowed to sip from their parents drinks until the age of four or five and then were cut off until they reached drinking age.  Of course, when the entire family got together, there was always an older cousin who managed to get some liquor or beer and was always more than happy to show off by allowing  the younger cousins to taste.   Often as not, there was also that occasional drink that was laid down and forgotten by an adult which came to the attention of the  cousins and was passed around with great abandon.

On very seldom seen occasions, we would be allowed to have a small glass of wine if there were not that many people around.  I remember sitting on Grandma Lynn’s couch sipping white wine and eating one of the ever present chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen and thinking what an excellent pairing that made.  I am, to this day, somewhat partial to chocolate chip cookies and a good sauvignon blanc.

Since that time, I have watched cousins and aunts and uncles go through various phases of drinking with all but a few being able to control the urges to imbibe too much.  Throughout all of that, my mind still goes back to the cheap white or red wine that was drunk.  Maybe it is a psychological thing or not, but today, wine remains my go to drink.  And to think it all started with a chocolate chip cookie.

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2 Responses to It all started with a chocolate chip cookie

  1. fromthevine says:

    This blog was started in February, 2009, but this posting was actually written and completed August 28,2010.

  2. Frances Ann says:

    Scott, This is hilarious. Your memory is much better than mine as I don’t remember drinking soda from the shot glasses, but I can fully imagine doing so. I always thought those little glasses were so cool. Nice article as well as the others you’ve posted. Keep up the good work.

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