It is Saturday night and I am enjoying my favorite Saturday night pastime of watching a Netflix movie and drinking a glass of wine while my wife, Diane, works on ideas for the plans of our next house.  With the weather outside being as cold as it is, the movie takes our minds off of the chill and the wine is a very delightful refreshment to accompany the evening.

This particular night I am enjoying a 2004 Barbera del Monferrato Minola produced by the Nuova Capaletta winery in Piedmont, Italy.   The wine delivers a very fruitful first taste and has delightful finish that is complimented by the use of French oak in the aging process.  A very full bodied wine, it is one that can be paired with a substantial meal as well as being drunk by itself.
This wine is from the Minola vineyard near the Vignale Monferrato municipality

The grapes for this wine are picked by hand and kept in maceration for about two weeks and then   after being filtered, is placed in French oak barrels to be aged for a period of one year.  After bottling, the wine is then aged in the estate cellar for six months.

What peaked my interest about this wine is that the Nuova Capaletta farm (which includes the winery) is completely organic.  Registered organic since 1986, the new term for this type of farming is biodynamic agriculture, which refers to a type of management in which the land is agri-managed for sustainability of the land, with all activities interrelated.  The goal of this type of land management is to not use chemicals and to be more aware of cultivation so as to increase and preserve land fertility.  At Nuova Capaletta, the farm is seen as a living organism, not just a piece of land where plants are grown; every part of it affecting the other.  The extension of this philosophy is that we are all tied in together affecting one another by what we do.

Biodynamic agriculture is part of a chain reaction of various individuals that includes not only the farmer, but also those processing the product, distributors and the retailers who finally sell to the consumer what is supposed to be a not only a heartier, more flavorful product, but supposedly a more healthy one.

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