Eden Try


In Spotsylvania County, on River Road, there is an estate where couples in love come to join in marriage. The immaculate grounds and manor house leave one with an impression that this place carries a certain wonder and enchantment that makes even visiting a joy. The lord of this manor is Gary Gratopp  with his very special Lady Guinevere, Linda Morrison.

The name of this auspicious estate is EdenTry and for the last several years has served as one of the premier wedding venues in the Fredericksburg Region. The success of Eden’s Try has its origins in a philosophy of change that keeps the level of service constantly evolving and improving. Everything about the grounds and house is concerned with making wedding ceremonies memorable, exciting and more stress-free for those involved.

The statement made by  Gary,”There is nothing that cannot be done.  If I can dream it, I can do it,”  is evident in the beauty and elegance that is Eden’s Try.

Gary’s and Linda’s love of the outdoors is evident when taking a tour of the grounds. Behind the manor house is a natural amphitheater for outdoor weddings. The planned regrading of this area this spring will allow for the tiered seating of more than 200 people with a ceremonial gazebo at the front. In the rear of the amphitheater will be a bride’s cottage, where the bride will be able to prepare and, from there, begin her procession either to the gazebo or, should she choose, to the formal gardens at the back porch of the manor house.

A reception is usually on the front grounds using large tents that give the appearance of a medieval festival. In past years, Eden Try would provide a list of preferred caterers. Based on bridal surveys, this list has been dramatically cut recently, with the main catering being done by the chef from the Fauquier Country Club who has the distinction of catering the Virginia Gold Cup each year.

Plans are soon to plant several rows of grapes not only for the ambience but also because of their love of wine and the rich enjoyment they experience from partaking of the fruits of their own labors.

Gary regularly rides around the grounds on his tractor and has often gotten himself into situations while pushing the limits of what he is able to do with his equipment. In order to store his farm equipment, he is planning an agricultural building in the one-story style of barns found in the Virginia horse country near Middleburg, circa 1800s. The building’s appearance  will be an addition to the farm estate nature of the grounds.

Although the booking season does not begin until January, it has been reported that listings have already doubled for weddings over last year. After visiting Eden Try, one can understand the reason why this is so. It is a place for those in love to come and enjoy an enchanted beginning to a life together.

—Scott Richards

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