One Day in a Doctor’s Office Restroom

One Day in a Doctor’s Office Restroom

As I entered the restroom I noticed a gentleman at the urinal that I had seen in the waiting room.    He appeared to be about six foot three inches tall and around one hundred eighty pounds.  He was dressed casually in khakis, an oxford cloth shirt and was wearing  those brown leather deck shoes that have leather cords running through them.  With slightly graying hair he looked to be in his late forties or early fifties.  His distinguishing characteristic was that he struck me as one who spoke little to anyone unless it was extremely necessary.  I would not have paid any attention except for the fact that I was carrying a book of short stories which I laid on the counter next to the sink.

He took an inordinate amount of time looking at himself in the mirror after washing and drying his hands and as he left, I thought I heard him pick up something from the counter and walk out.  I arrived in the waiting room just in time to see him handing my book to an individual he was sitting across from and stating,

“Here, try this one.  It is pretty good.”

Approaching him, I grabbed the book from his hand and said to him in a loud voice, “You have one hell of a nerve just taking someone’s book.”

“I thought it was part of a lend exchange program, so I just took it,” he stammered in a surprised response as he rose from the chair to his full height.  My reaction to this was simple, I hit him squarely in the face.

After I was done at the urinal, I washed and dried my hands, picked up my book and left the restroom.

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