Tell most people  who have been drinking wine for a while that you drink wine from a box and you probably will get a look of confusion, sympathy or disdain, or a combination of the three.  Why would anyone stoop so low as to drink the swill that comes packaged in a cardboard box?   At one time, I must admit, I would have been aghast at the notion of people who did not know better settling for less when for just a few dollars more much better wine was theirs for the asking.

The advantages of box wines is that the wine is in a bladder contained in a cardboard box in such a way that as the wine is consumed, the bladder decreases in size allowing no air to mix in with the wine causing it to spoil.   Also, because the bladder is in a cardboard box, the wine is not affected by light.  On average, a three liter box of wine can last up to four weeks without going  bad.  Combine this with the fact that the bladder and the cardboard box are much cheaper than four seven hundred fifty milliliter bottles and the answer is simple to see which is more cost effective.  This brings us back to the original situation, why do serious wine drinkers look down their noses at box wines?

In times past most box wines were truly worthy of the disdain heaped upon them.  The juices were the bottom of the barrel with the idea of making a quick dollar off of something the general consensus  believe should have been thrown away.  Black Box Wines has invested in premium juices for their boxed wines and are proving to many nay sayers with such wines as their Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon that box wine can be an excellent and inexpensive product for those who are looking for an everyday wine but do not feel comfortable paying an exorbitant amount.  In addition,  Corbett Canyon Pinot Noir was tried and found to have a very nice depth of fruit with a medium finish that would give all but the most discerning of palettes no impression that it originated in a box.

Admittedly, not all box wines meet the standard that these two wines have achieved, but they are not the only ones to have achieved this status.  The best way to describe the box wine industry is, “the good, the bad and the cubic.”

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