Gene Boley, points to ponder.

There seems to have been quite an urgency recently to make sure former Caroline football coach Gene Boley was removed from the position he had held only two years.  Several questions come to mind when thinking about what happened.

Would the same accusations against Boley have been made if the team had had a better record than 2-8 this past season?  Many people feel that if a team has a bad season, the blame has to go somewhere, and this usually means towards the coach.

Coach Boley brought a level of discipline to the Cavaliers they had not known for some time.  Whether or not they were ready for his manner is a question that only the players can answer.  In speaking with a number of them, both upper and lower class-men, one thing was constant, discipline was needed.

What about off the field?  There were many instances in which Coach Boley acted not only as a mentor, but also provided for players whose family situations presented needs that needed outside assistance.  He did not do it to make points with parents, he did it because he cared about his athletes.   Several of them made the statement that Boley did not just teach football, he tried to instill behavior patterns that they could use the rest of their lives.

If a new coach comes in, how long is he going to have before people get disgusted with him?  Gene Boley was the third coach the Cavalier football team has had in five years.  Can one really expect a turn around of a program in just two years after what this team has been through?

Whether or not it was correct to replace Boley is not my decision to make, but it is important that we think about our reaction to the situation the new coach is stepping into, and do our best to support him in it.

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