Very carefully she probed, closing her eyes so that she could concentrate.  After a brief moment, her concentration was rewarded with the discovery that she had hoped was there.

Thinking that this may be more difficult than she originally thought, she nevertheless continued on, surprised by the size and consistency of it.  How many times before had she been on this same kind of quest, either to find something too small to be worth the effort or of a texture that was totally unacceptable?  This was definitely the mother load.

Carefully she worked under the forward edge, hoping not to break it off or to push it further back.  So far, so good.  In the back of her mind she was praying no one would come in to distract her from her quarry.  It was none of their business, something that few people understood.  Very gingerly, she lifted, as bit by bit whatever was holding it broke free.  Almost there, good.

Finally, after one last calculated tug, it was totally free.  Now came the part that was just as difficult, getting it out in the open where it could be examined.  Slowly she picked it up and with painstaking care pulled it forward, careful not to rush, attending to her grip lest it slip and fall back beyond reach.  

There!  It was out in the light, to be seen by all.  After a brief but curious perusal, she wiped her finger with a tissue and threw it away.

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