It is about midnight, and I am not

It is about midnight, and I am not wide awake, but I feel as if I cannot go to sleep either.  Something is bugging me, but I do not know what.  Of course, no one else has that happen to them, just me.  This is reminiscent of when I was little and thought that I was the only one who could not see their face without looking in the mirror.

I think I am finding out what this blog stuff is all about.  VENTING.  It feels good to write, but there is still something bugging me.  I took my meds tonight and it feels like they are stuck in my throat, which I know is crazy, but it happens.  I just drank some water and ate a bunch of oreo cookies, but it did not help.  I think I am tired.

I had a big day today.  I went to a meeting in Richmond put on by the Virginia Wine Board.  We were discussing the future of the wine industry in Virginia.  We broke up into small groups and brainstormed about different aspects of what is going on and what we should do about it.  All day.  I am tired.

I met some cool people and renewed some relationships, but the day was about working.  Work we did, all day.  It was good because my attention was focused (no ADD attacks) as I sat and discussed and talked about things.  

I really like wine and I like the wine industry in Virginia.  It is a close knit group with everyone wanting the same thing:  Promote Virginia wines.

I am really tired, enough of this.   I am going ot bed. 


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