Writing is taking a new twist

For those who have been successful in this writing business, when did you reach the point where another gig did not scare the heck out of you?  Possibly for me it is due to the fact that I have a lot of stories to write and am having a hard time getting hold of people.

By the middle of August, I am supposed to have written four feature stories and a food and wine column.  It will get done, but it seems daunting at this time.  It means Scott cannot participate in his favorite pastime, procrastination.

Actually, I find once I have done the interviewing, the story becomes a living thing inside of me that must come out.  I do not mean to use any sort of giving birth analogy, but I can feel the story as if it were alive, waiting for me to put it down on paper.  So that is where I find myself, trying to get the interviews done so that I might write them.

I could write the wine and food column.  That will be simple, but nice.  I am not a fancy eater.  I do like a nice wine with my meals on occasion, but I know just enough about wine and food pairing to be picky about the wine I drink with what I eat.  This column will be good as it contains an easy recipe for chicken paired with a Virginia chardonnay.  As is with many good things, the chardonnay was not planned to be with the meal but wine was needed to cook the chicken.   It turned out amazing.

The column will be in a magazine but I will publish it here with a reference to the magazine.   Good stuff.  This
post is just a warm up exercise to get the juices flowing tor my articles, but it is fun to ramble and it is interesting to see the consistency and direction in it.

Well, this is nice and all that, but I really have other things to do, so gotta go.  Ciao.

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