It has come to my attention that I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the stimuli that constantly bombards me every day, no, every minute of the day, and never use them in my chosen field of endeavor.  The old phrase, “If I had a nickel…” comes to mind.

Most writers, as I see it, think of themselves as communal creatures with some interaction with the species necessary in as limited a sense possible, yet are loners who operate on a singular status.  I have recently been perusing the idea of stewardship of what is received that writers have to the world around them.  The greater of our craft have often had a statement that has been made through the literature they have written.  

I just read something on which surprised me.  Seeing something on Facebook I mean, I almost missed it as I was skimming.  It spoke of a writer who could only see as far as his headlights would allow him to see while traveling on a dark road, but he could get to his destination (completing a book) that way.  So the idea of stewardship of an idea has to go beyond what I  think of the idea at the time of its conception.  What would happen to the many ideas I have had if I had just developed them further?  Of course, some of them would end up in the trash can, but others were probably worth developing.    

It was Einstein who made the comment that we use only ten percent of our minds, a statement that makes me sick, because I want to use more.  It begins using what I have so that I can develop my mind more.  So I make full circle back to the ideas and stimuli that so often haunt me.  My prayer is that I might be the faithful steward of the gift that I have been given. 

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