The First Kiss

     Most everyone remembers their first kiss.  Whether in a closet playing teenage games or sneaking  it in while dropping off a date, it happens.  But what about that first kiss with the one that we call our soul mate, that blows us into another dimension?  The one that is supposed to send sparks flying and angels singing and all of sudden brightening all the colors of the world, do we remember that kiss?
    Did something happen, or did somebody say something that made it so memorable? For many, it is never forgotten and that is a good thing. I will never forget the first time I kissed my wife.  Prior to marriage, we were friends for a year and a half, dated for a year and a half, engaged for a year and then finally married in 1978.
    That monumental night, I was walking Diane across campus to her dorm.  As we walked by the end of her dorm, I noticed that the way the light was positioned, we were walking where the shadows fell.  It was dark.  
    I stopped.  I kissed her.  I can still see the gleam in her eyes.
    She looked up at me and said, “You’re nice.”
    Being hard of hearing, I thought she said,”Good night,” so I left.

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