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It is high time I got out of my doldrums and came back to this blog.  Not that I have been inactive, mind you.  November 2015 marked the release of my first book,  Wines, Vines and Things.  It is a collection of writings over the last eight years where I not only explore different subject matter (most about wine), but I also look at different styles of writing.

One story, One Day in a Doctor’s Office Restroom, was written after reading several Somerset Maugham short stories.  His use of description of individuals has always been an inspiration.  Although it a little dark, it is one of my favorites.  With this story I realized I could put on paper some of the thoughts and ideas going through my head, giving liberty to the imagination I have so often dwelt in.

For those who are a little older, you may remember, The Twilight Zone on television,  featuring stories by the master story teller, Rod Serling.  Although a lot of his work centered on things just aside of normal, there was always a sense of logic in the episodes that appealed to me.  It was more of a perspective many of us do not see when we observe or remember events. The Wait is another favorite story in Wines, Vines and Things looking at a situation from differing viewpoint.

Most of the entries have to do with wine, which I began studying some 20 years ago, and vineyards.  The vineyard has always been a dream, so in 2011, my wife, Diane and I planted our first vines.  To date we have between 500 and 600 vines and are looking to double that within the next two years.  In the book I discuss not only some wonderful wines I have had, but also the vineyards and those who have influenced me along this journey.  I currently am in a long term agreement with RD Thompson of Caret Cellars to sell my grapes.  Winemaker Floyd Oslin has been not only my viticultural mentor, but also he has been a brother.

Wines, Vines and Things, a good read for those who, like me, have a short attention span, but love to read the written word.

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