Old Dumb Joe Heinrich

The tongue has long been the bane of many a well meaning individual.  Scriptures point out the fact that it is very powerful, and is something to be kept under control.  But never have I seen the power of the tongue like I did one day when Joe Heinrich and I were visiting his grandmother.

You have to understand Joe, he’s dumb as a post.  Actually, he’s almost stupid, but not quite, so we say he’s dumb as a post.  While sitting at his grandmother’s kitchen table, she pulled out a wet-bottom shoe-fly pie and cut each of us a large slab. Joe dived in and shoved a big fork full in his mouth.  When it hit his tongue, his whole mouth lit up like a Christmas tree, and his tongue was dancing a jig, the pie was that good.

Now remember, Joe is dumb as a post.  He decided he was going to have some fun with his tongue.  He took another big fork full of that pie, and his mouth got all excited.  Joe held that pie up to his mouth, and just before his tongue could touch it, he pulled the fork away, which made his tongue all kinds of mad. In fact, his tongue got real mad, and it come out of  his mouth and commenced to whaling Joe all over his face.  It beat his face so bad, it took fourteen operations just to get Joe back to ugly.

Poor old Joe Heinrich, he’s dumb as a post, and now he’s ugly as one too

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