Readin’ and Writin’ – From the Uncle Jimmy Tales

A whole lot of people think Uncle Jimmy can’t read.  The truth is, Uncle Jimmy reads just fine.  There is just one hitch, he is real particular about what he reads and how he reads it.  He’s a lot different from most folks.

When asked about reading and such, Uncle Jimmy says, “I can read aw right, as long as it’s readin’.  It’s the writin’ that gets me.  You see, if you gives me a piece of readin,’ well hell, I’ll tear it up.  I just don’t read no writin’, and b’lieve me, I know readin’ and writin’ don’t fall from the same tree.  I read readin’, but I don’t read no writin’.”

Uncle Jimmy keeps his eye on people  all the time and nothing gets his goat worse that when they think the way they do things is the only way and are not willing to try to learn things a different way.  Take for instance, his reading.  He has little to do with all these people who feel like they have to read writing, when he feels reading the way he does is just as good.

“ I done tried larnin’ to read writin’ but I foun’ that to jest read readin’ works lots better.  I b’lieve people feel like they have to read writin’ because they think they’s sumpin when they’s doin’ that.  The truth is, they jest damn ignorant.”

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